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Welcome on my new online agenda !

You can now manage you appointements yourself directly and easily.

This system will prevent us from missing each other on the phone (and loose precious time!) and also for me not to be disturbed during an osteopathic treatment.

Other advantage:  You will get an e-mail/text reminder the day before your appointment.  

You may of course still reach me on this number for any queries: 0475 36 45 53

You can choose to make an appointment either at my practice in Etterbeek (Brussels) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

or at my private practice in Ophain (Braine l'Alleud) on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

For an emergency:  please send me a text message to the following number:  0475 36 45 53 .

!!!  Be careful to select the right practice when you make your appointment 

Please also ensure to select the right type of appointment:  Either FIRST CONSULTATION if it's the very first time we meet, FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION if you have already ever been consulting me before, or MOM & BABY if you would like two consultations one after the other consisting of a treatment for your new born baby and his/her mother-post birth/delivery (You can check on more details about this type of appointment*).  

If there is any changes or problem, please let me know 24 hours in advance minimum

Under this time limit, the session will be due.

Please bring any (medical)documents that can help my anamnesis/diagnostic such as medical book for children, medication list, MRI or radiographs, any exam results.... 

Please wear or bring comfortable/larger and light clothes for the treatment. 

Please respect the general code of hygiene.

For an emergency:  please send me a text message to the following number:  0475 36 45 53

For a big emergency and if I can't answer straight away you can always call the guard service of the SBO (Société Belge d'Ostéopathie) au 078 480 484

In case of vital emergency please contact 112

Cabinet privé C. Huysmans
Rue Chavée, 20
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Huysmans Ostéo & Co.
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